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Founded in 1999, Sharma Holdings Co. Ltd. (Previously IDC Foods), is a multifaceted Indian-Foods Company based in Japan, overseeing the Import, Wholesale, and Retail of Big Indian Food Brands across the country.

As part of our most recent endeavor, Sharma Holdings has built a state-of-the-art facility in Tochigi, Japan, to manufacture our own brand of superior tasting Ready to Eat Authentic Indian Foods. We are proud to introduce you to Sharma’s.

Featured Products

Sharma's is our in-house brand of superior tasting Ready to Eat Authentic Indian Foods.

Non-Vegetarian Range

Sharma's brings you an exciting range of Regional & Classic Flavors of Non-Vegetarian 'Heat & Eat' Curries!

Vegetarian Range

Sharma's presents a special range of Paneer & Lentil Based Vegetarian 'Heat & Eat' Curries. It's simply delicious!

Soyame® Range

Sharma's is proud to introduce our proprietary range of Plant-Based Mock-Meat & Chaap 'Heat & Eat' Curries!

We Also Do…

Frozen Fresh Range

Check out our Sharma's range of Frozen Fresh Chapatis, Parathas, Theplas (Hot Seller), Tortilla, and much more!

Fresh Dosa Batter

Sharma's hottest selling product of 2022, Our Fresh Idli / Dosa Batter is made in a large traditional stone grinder, to give you the best tasting Batter for daily use!

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Our Ready to Eat Meals are prepared in the latest ‘Hot Water Spray’ Retort Machine, made by the #1 Retort Machine Maker in Japan!

Our Curries are packed in a special, Retort Cast, Multi-layered White Pouch, that does not lose its polish or structure, even after going through our pressurized Retort Process.

Pouches are then packed in a fully automated Hot Glue Packing Machine, into White-back, 350gsm Mono-cartons, with Double Side Laminate, to add strength. Perfectly sized to minimize damage & leakage, along with perforations at the top for hassle-free unboxing

Our Machinery is FDA Compliant, and ASME Certified, making our products importable across the globe!

Following this pipeline, allows us to maintain freshness, almost as though the food was just made!

Ready to Cook, gives you basic preparation (Spices, Gravies, etc.) to assemble your meal. Unfortunately, that means sourcing your own vegetables and/or meats.

Sharma’s Curries, on the other hand, are Ready To Eat, meaning our preparations are fully cooked, and good to eat, right out the pouch!

Sharma’s saves you Time, Money, and a lot of Effort.

No, they are preservative free.

Sharma’s Products contain no artificial flavors.

All of Sharma’s products are made 100% Natural.

All color comes from the natural ingredients.

All Sharma’s boxes and pouches are recyclable.

Due to Japan’s special laws surrounding the Export of Meat, our Curries are exportable globally.

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